Fans of the Netflix series Beef are concerned about a resurfaced podcast clip with actor David Choe discussing his experience with a Black massage therapist.

The graffiti artist, 46, plays Issak alongside Ali Wong’s Amy and Steven Yeun’s Danny in the dark comedy, which was dubbed as the streaming service’s most-watched series so far this year, The Independent reported.

However, viewers were not pleased after hearing the actor’s disturbing comments in the footage posted by investigative journalist Aura Bogado.

On Thursday, she took to Twitter, shared the 40-second clip to her account, and said, “According to his own telling, the woman David Choe assaulted is Black. He describes himself as “a successful rapist.”

In the clip, Choe admitted to touching a female masseuse without her consent and forcing her to perform oral sex on him. He also said he became aroused as he continued telling the story to the other co-hosts on the show.

“The thrill of possibly going to jail, you know, that’s what achieved the erection quest,” Choe said in the controversial clip.

“Ew, you’re basically telling us that you’re a rapist now,” adult film star Asa Akira replied.

The podcast episode’s initial release was around March 2014.

Choe issued an apology the following month and stated the story was untrue. He said the comments were for shock value and entertainment purposes, per The Independent.

“If I am guilty of anything, it’s bad storytelling in the style of douche,” he wrote in a then-post on the website. “Just like many of my paintings are often misinterpreted, the same goes with my show. The main objective of all of my podcasts is to challenge and provoke my friends and the co-stars on the show.”

He continued by stating that the show mainly contains stories unrelated to his life.

“We create stories and tell tales. It’s not a news show. It’s not a representation of my reality. It’s not the place to come for reliable information about me or my life,” he said.