The Below Deck drama continues. Rayna Lindsey has never minced words regarding Heather Chase’s, use of the N- word nor her cast and crew’s lack of accountability and response to the situation. Chase’s apology only seemed to move everyone except Lindsey.

There was no surprise when Lindsey shared on her Instagram story that she would answer “every below deck” question.

In the screenshots captured by Reality Blurb, Lindsey talked about the upcoming reunion and gave fans insight.

“I’ll… be with all my folks,” Lindsey stated. “So y’all gone have every black opinion in the room.”

Lindsey shared her disdain for the rather short reunion stating that it was “nothing and only lasted like an hour.”

“They didn’t want nothing to really be exposed on the reunion so I’ll talk about how they want [Eddie Lucas] to do a take over for captain [Lee Rosbach]. I’ll talk about everything they don’t want us to talk about, “ Lindsey shared.

She also called out a show producer, stating that they “lied to my face all season just so she can save Eddie to ensure the Passover happens. I don’t intend to hurt feelings but if they feelings get hurt from me spitting the truth then so be it.”

Lindsey added, “I want nothing to do with the show but they smoking crack if they think I’m not going to tell what really happened. I’m going to express my story then I’m done. I need to help and warn other minorities to not come on the show.”

Concluding her dialogue, Lindsey shared she was pleased with her stance. “I know if I die today I know my stance with God. I know my soul and who I am and I’m proud of that. I don’t even know how these Mf’s sleep peacefully. That’s crazy and scary to be real.”

What Lindsey has previously said about the situation

Lindsey appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in January to talk about the situation and the fallout.

“It’s so uncomfortable and cringey to watch especially because we’re all adults and it’s 2021,” Lindsey stated. “It’s something that should be known, you know what I mean?”

“As an African American woman, there’s always a stereotype for us being aggressive or being too loud or being the angry aggressive Black woman. Like that was running through my head like every second on the show,” she shared. “But I’m genuinely hurt, and I wanted my voice to be heard. But I didn’t want it to happen to be ‘over the top,’ you know what I mean?”





She also called out Eddie in the 'WWHL' interview

“You’re more concerned with Heather eating spaghetti with her fingers, but it was low of me to correct an adult versus when I go to him, and he says, ‘Oh, well that doesn’t affect your job’ if Heather uses the N-Word. It shows his priorities and what he thinks is important as well,” she said.

Below Deck airs weekly on Bravo.