Golden Globe nominee Ben Affleck recently spoke to The Boston Globe about his nomination for the film The Tender Bar. During the interview, the 49-year-old actor was asked about his political aspirations to run for Congress.

Affleck revealed his decision to seek an elected position was short-lived, and he said he would have lost to Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) had he pursued his political ambitions.

"[Pressley] probably would have beat my [expletive], so I'm glad I didn't run. Even though she's from Ohio, I have a feeling she would have cleaned my clock," he told The Boston Globe.

The actor planned to campaign to represent Massachusetts' 7th Congressional District during the 2018 election. Instead, Pressley received the Democratic nomination and won the seat.

"People wanted me to run against [former Rep. Michael] Capuano in the, you know, the old Tip O'Neill district," Affleck said.

After his experience campaigning for John Kerry, Affleck said the political lifestyle wasn’t for him.

"I did a lot of campaigning for John Kerry, because I liked him; the Democratic National Convention was in Boston; I felt strongly about gay marriage; and I felt George Bush and the war in Iraq was wrong," Affleck said. 

“I looked at the life of people in Congress and it was a constant process of glad-handing, begging for money and being beholden to people, '' the Oscar winner said. “It's so depressing. I thought it was miserable and corrupt and ugly," he added.

Pressley made headlines in December after testing positive for COVID-19, CNN reports.

In a statement, the lawmaker said "vaccines save lives" and they "are safe and effective." She added, "I encourage everyone to do their part by getting vaccinated, boosted and masking up."