In case you missed it, the internet was recently blessed with the musical stylings of Alabama’s next hit artist, Bishop Bullwinkle. Also known as “Bull Winka,” his first original single, “Hell 2 Da Naw Naw” might literally be the best response to any trying situation. Spitting occasional fire and some questionable lyrics, Bullwinkle has managed to accumulate over 570,000 video views as of Tuesday night. The rising sensation has no intent to stop. Since his video went viral, he’s posted not one, but three music videos. The song title alone pretty much sums up any and every daily struggle…

Are you ready to go back to school? Hell naw

Will you have that report in by Friday? Hell to da naw naw

The gas prices went up again? Hell naw, to the naw naw naw

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be singing “Hell 2 Da Naw Naw” at work for the next few weeks. Be sure to watch him throw shade in, “Some Preachers” and other Bullwinkle specials on his YouTube channel and Facebook page.