While some celebrities are spinning the block into the arms of former lovers, Angela White (formerly known as Blac Chyna) is embracing a brand new relationship. Fans have been elated to witness White’s transformation fueled by self-love and growth.

Her recent blog headlines have focused on her sobriety journey, spiritual evolution and educational achievements, and now she’s added a new relationship to the mix. The mother of two shocked everyone when she popped out with her new boyfriend, music producer Derrick Milano. The two met in 2019 through mutual friends but kept it professional due to White being in a relationship at the time.

Their romance didn’t begin until 2023 when White took a chance and sent a private message to Milano. She suggested the two “get in the studio together,” although White didn’t plan on making any music. She recalled the moment the “Savage” producer asked her if she was ready to record: “I was like no,” she said, laughing.

Milano mentioned that was when he realized how “perfect” the 35-year-old entrepreneur was and was shocked when she asked him about his music projects.

“I said, ‘Oh, shoot, you want to play some stuff.’ And we started playing her music, and she was giving her input, and then she was playing me beats that I really liked,” he told Blavity. “At that point, ‘I was just like, wow, like she actually like cares about me as a person, it’s not just a music thing.'”

The two continued reliving the day, agreeing that they spoke for hours and realized their relationship would be more than a studio visit.

“When Angela and I first met, it was love at first sight,” Milano said.

He added that he always saw past White’s “Blac Chyna” persona.

“I don’t really look at her like that. I heard the name [Blac Chyna] back in the day, but I never knew her as that. So meeting her was like meeting a new friend and a new person,” he said. “We connected, and we’re both very similar when it comes to our energy with people, so for us to be around each other as much as we are, love each other, and appreciate each other’s presence and presence means a lot.”

Their first date was to a local festival, and they haven’t spent a day apart since.
The two agreed that keeping their faith at the forefront of their relationship and being transparent about their intentions has had a positive effect.

“I’m dating for marriage. I’m clear about that,” Milano said.

White echoed her sweetheart’s sentiment while attributing her recent growth aiding her ability to accept true love.

“He makes it so easy to be vulnerable. We talk about everything; we even write letters to each other. Our communication is very important,” she said.

The couple is working on building a brand together, but they’re staying hush-hush about the details to avoid any assumptions of their union being a “PR stunt.”

In unison, the couple said, “We get to be with our best friend. It’s amazing.”