A Capitol Police officer has been receiving praise as a national hero after he drew angry insurgents away from the people on the Senate floor of the Capitol Building on Wednesday.

In a now-viral video of last week’s harrowing riot, Officer Eugene Goodman is seen staving off a mob of intruders looking to disrupt the Senate hearings. After realizing the group’s intent, Goodman distracted the mob and herded them away from the chamber where politicians and other elected officials were located.

Goodman’s tactic threw off the plans of the group’s leader, identified as Doug Jensen, who was so focused on the officer that he missed the opportunity to gain access to a hallway leading to the Senate chambers, according to USA Today.

Eventually, Goodman led the group to a back corridor, away from the Senate, where more officers were on standby.

Following the officer’s act of bravery and selfishness, people took to Twitter to send messages detailing their appreciation and gratitude for Goodman.