Fresh off its Golden Globe success and never a show to shy away from the topic of race in America, ABC’s black-ish addressed President-elect Donald Trump’s win and the current state of politics in the Wednesday episode titled, Lemons. The passionate speech by Dre Johnson (Anthony Anderson) in the episode's closing called for hope and understanding with Johnson declaring, "We have to find a way to reach out to each other and find common ground." He continues, "Or else we're literally never going to make it and this country is going to get worse." 

The show touched on the pain we all felt watching the election numbers come in, and the fear we all have for the days to come. As a result, the episode drew a big response from Twitter and here is a look at some reactions.

Even Questlove of The Roots chimed in.

Along with black-ish star Yara Shahidi.

Folks are ready for Anthony Anderson's award-winning moment.

And people quickly praised how the writing perfectly summed up our thoughts and pain.

Some folks wondered why it took people this long to tune in to the hit series.

For some, it should be required viewing.

Tracee Ellis Ross must be on a high right now!

Some can't stop replaying it in their heads. Yes, it was that good!

You can watch Dre (Anthony Anderson)'s passionate monologue from the episode below:

Here’s to hoping for an episode in the future titled, Lemonade, where we show the beauty in our resistance.