The Black Lives Matter organization has launched an innovative project to help raise funds for Black postal workers while simultaneously spreading a message of love. The initiative, Write Black Love Letters, which comes on the heels of President Donald Trump's threat to defund the USPS, encourages Black parents to buy stamps and send love letters to their children through the Postal Service.

"Write Black Love Letters is a creative intervention encouraging us all to FUND the USPS by buying stamps and sending Black love letters and postcards," Black Lives Matter wrote on Instagram. "We are centering love, connection, and beauty in a time of isolation, tension, and change. We are celebrating our historic contributions to the USPS and demanding that our legacy be protected."

According to Black Lives Matter, about 50% of postal workers are Black and brown.

"For the everyday Black worker, the Postal Service has represented the dignified, stable employment they deserve and are often refused elsewhere," the activist group wrote. "To defund the USPS would be to deny future generations this opportunity and dishonor the legacy of Black postal workers."