Update (August 17, 2020): The couple behind the alleged years-long harassment and abuse of a Long Island woman have finally been arrested and charged by the Nassau County district attorney, according to New York Daily News.

Jennifer McLeggan, a Black nurse, moved into her home three years ago and says her neighbors, John McEneaney and his father Michael McEneaney, began a campaign of terror against her. She said the two repeatedly threw dog feces and mutilated squirrels on her lawn while threatening her with racial barbs.

McLeggan filed dozens of complaints but was largely ignored by police until her story blew up on social media last month due to a photo of a note she has posted on her window.

On Monday, the Nassau County District Attorney's Office said John had been charged with criminal mischief and harassment and that his partner, Mindy Canarick, was hit with a criminal tampering charge. 

A group of Black men began taking watch outside McLeggan’s home after Nassau County Police Commissioner Pat Ryder said police did “not have any evidence of any bias” and that the department would continue to look into the matter.

“There’s been an ongoing dispute between neighbors since 2017 when our … victim moved into the residence. There’s been close to 50 calls to services between the two almost equally, complaints back and forth that have been at that residence that we have responded to as law enforcement. There have been no founded complaints since we have been responding to these 45 to 50 calls,” Ryder said on July 14. 

But the story gained so much traction that New York State Assemblywoman Michaelle Solages got involved with the case, demanding answers about why the obvious attacks on McLeggan were being allowed to continue. 

“The aggression of the neighbor, (it) went on too long. For years she felt unsafe coming to a place she was supposed to feel safe at, coming home. But it’s more representative of the overall state of the poor relationship between the police and the Black community here on Long Island,” said McLeggan’s lawyer Heather Palmore on Monday.  

“The Nassau County District Attorney has been very professional in handling this matter, they gave Jennifer a forum to bring her complaints forward. The police have been to Jennifer’s house I can’t tell you how many times over the last three years and nothing was done by the police county department,” Palmore added. 

The couple was scheduled to be arraigned Monday afternoon. 

Original (July 21, 2020): After hearing a Black mom on Long Island was being harassed by her neighbors, Black men have been providing security for her overnight to ensure her safety. One of them told Blavity they had "nothing but time" to protect Jennifer McLeggan.

McLeggan moved into her Valley Stream home nearly three years ago and has been receiving threats from her white neighbors ever since.

“I feel like I’m terrorized. It’s a nightmare living next to him,” McLeggan told CBS New York.

She said the men, a father and son duo, have thrown feces over the fence, left dead animals on her property, spit on her yard, taken a blow torch to her home and have told her they want her to go back to where she came from.

When McLeggan, a registered nurse, was fined by the city for having feces in her yard, she took surveillance footage she had collected showing it came from her neighbors and received a $5,000 judgment, according to NBC 4.

The court decision didn’t put a stop to the harassment, though.

“If I get a dead squirrel, that’s a sign to me. It means you want me dead,” McLeggan said.