Black-owned pajama line PJs for the Culture sheds light on diversity and cultural representation by creating a brand that celebrates Black culture through holiday fashion.

According to the Michigan Chronicle, Vanessa B. Streeter, the company’s chief financial officer, and her son, CEO Dallas Streeter, launched the holiday-inspired clothing line in 2021.

After realizing a lack of African American representation in the fashion market, the mother-son duo created their business to bridge the racial gap and design clothing commemorating Black Christmas culture.

“PJs For The Culture aims to provide representation for minority families seeking comfortable and stylish pajamas,” according to its website.

Vanessa and Dallas intentionally wanted to use other Black professionals to help their business become a success. They partnered with Black photographer Tayshaun Campbell and Black designer Amiyah Ford to bring their designs to life.

“As a people, we have to ensure that we’re supporting each other,” Vanessa said, per the Chronicle.

While Black Christmas culture lies at the forefront of the brand, the owners also offer a Latinos-inspired pajama set, Feliz Navidad, and another collection celebrating Kwanzaa. The goal is to represent the Black and brown communities by creating sleepwear for every tradition, age group and ethnicity.

PJs for the Culture is also affordable for customers without breaking the bank. The website has a complete list of items, all priced at $35 or under.

The Chronicle mentioned the brand’s “Santa Baby” pajamas became the highest-selling product for the business.

“We have songs about it, but we don’t really see it on apparel too much. So I really wanted to get that across on this piece,” Dallas told the outlet.

In addition to holiday sleepwear, Vanessa and Dallas plan to expand with other holidays, including Valentine’s Day and affirmation-based products for the younger audience.