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Why Entrepreneurship Is The New Wave Among Millennials

"I love going to my office and putting the eight hours I work for someone else into my dream."
 • 15 days ago

3 Impressive Women Of Color Entrepreneurs To Watch

Female entrepreneurs are continuing to take the American market by storm!
 • 16 days ago

'Black Panther' And Fenty Beauty: Lessons On Representation And Inclusive Marketing

Get schooled on the social and profitability value of culturally conscious marketing.
Samantha Simunyu
 • 23 days ago

How To Successfully Break Into The High Tech Industry

The collective efforts of black software engineers and industry leaders can drive meaningful change in the industry.
Rosa Otieno
 • 24 days ago

21-Year-Old Dad, Who Secretly Walked 11 Miles To Work Everyday, Was Surprised With A Car From His Co-Workers

Trenton Lewis' co-workers collected about $2,000 in donations to gift him a car.
Kimberley Richards
 • a month ago

This February's Black Restaurant Challenge Spotlights Black-Owned Restaurants In Baltimore

The Black Restaurant Challenge sold out within 30 minutes of being announced.
Ashleigh Atwell
 • 2 months ago

Diversity And Inclusion: Would Data Stop You From Accepting A Job?

"Not seeing many people that looked like myself made me reluctant to speak up when necessary."
Bonita Darkoh
 • 2 months ago

Twin Brothers Recruit Lebron James, Steve Stoute As Investors For Sports Streaming Venture

The twins, who weren't able to afford basketball camp, created their own highlight reels for recruiters. Those reels led to a major sports streaming venture.
Keith Andre
 • 2 months ago

Business Mogul, 'Shark Tank' Judge Daymond John Invests Hefty $150K Into Atlanta-Based Joe's Gourmet Fish Fry

The Atlanta-based company's product is located throughout the South and the Rust Belt.
Blavity Team
 • 2 months ago

7 Ways To Deal With Professional Rejection

"Will you control your rejections, or will you let your rejections control you?"
Keisha Mabry
 • 2 months ago

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