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Here’s Why Billionaire Robert Smith’s $4.75 Billion Sale Inspires Me

The wealthiest black person in America is a businessman, not an athlete or entertainer.
Rob Wilson
 • 3 months ago

Blame It On Kaepernick: Nike's Ad Campaign Featuring The Activist Adds Billions To The Company's Market Value

You can't silence a revolution.
Ricky Riley
 • 3 months ago

AARP California, Urban League And Vector90 Partner For Entrepreneurial Workshop Training Series

Check This Out
Brianna Rhodes
 • 3 months ago

Check ‘Yes’ For Nike: How The Company Is Securing Its Trust (And The Bag) With Customers

Social activism is always a good business move.
Streetkat D.A.K.A
 • 3 months ago

Black Business And Funding: How We’re Making It Real, Despite The Daunting Amount Of Money It Takes

"The business world is about to look very multi-colored, very soon."
 • 4 months ago

How Entrepreneur Terri Lomax Uses Her Platform to Promote Financial Independence For Women of Color

Get to know her.
Brianna Rhodes
 • 4 months ago

Dropping Wisdom: 6 Smart Tips We’ve Learned From Our Parents On How To Handle Money, Wealth and Life

Parents know best.
Brianna Rhodes
 • 4 months ago

Black Women, Here Are Three Strategic Ways To A.S.K. For Your Money Now

"Rather than waiting for an employer to initiate a compensation correction campaign that makes black women whole, ask for fair compensation."
Tonya N. Sloans, Esq.
 • 4 months ago

Home-Based Money Making Ideas For Busy Black Moms

Easy work-from-home options.
Nakia Henry
 • 5 months ago

We’re Loving It: Meet The Youngest Black Woman To Own A McDonald’s Franchise

This black queen is an inspiration to black business owners.
Namon Eugene
 • 5 months ago

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