Black Panther  leading actress Lupita Nyong'o footed the bill for 600 girls, in her hometown, Kisumu, Kenya, to see the blockbuster movie. 

"I wanted kids from my hometown to see the positive images reflected in the film and superheroes that they can relate to on the big screen. No matter where you live, you can help make this happen for more children who can't afford to see the movie," the actress said on Instagram. 

In another turn of charity, rapper Big Boi, one half of the duo Outkast, organized a film screening at the Loving Arms Hospice for the facility's patients.

He paid the price of admission and food. “Everyone loved the film! Thanks to my team for making all this possible #BlackPanther @janiceahmed #GodIsGreat @bigkidzfoundation @celebritytrailers @shea_buttah,” he wrote: 

Even actress Zendaya used the movie expressed generosity as she attended a showing with her Oakland community:

It's not just celebrities who are joining the giving campaign. An LA-based TV producer, C.J. Faison, brought tickets for 134 kids to watch the movie, OCALA News reported. And this film producer brought one of his followers a ticket after she expressed she wasn't able to afford a ticket: 

Blavity reported earlier that the Walt Disney Company donated $1 million to the Boys and Girls Club of America, to help further STEM education in honor of the Black Panther movie.  

Looks like Black Panther is bringing out the black excellence in everyone!