During the first game of the College World Series between Mississippi State and Vanderbilt University, parents of some of the players were "subjected to racist slurs," Sports Illustrated reports.

Athletic directors from both schools have since condemned the incident on Monday.

“I am deeply troubled that some of our student-athlete parents were subjected to racist slurs during last night's game," Candice Storey Lee, Vanderbilt’s athletic director wrote in a tweet. "This is absolutely unacceptable and disgraceful behavior, and such hateful language has no place anywhere in our society."

"To the family members who were impacted, please know that you have my full support,” she added.” And you absolutely have the wholehearted support of not only Vanderbilt Athletics but all of Commodore Nation.”

Echoing similar sentiments, Mississippi State Athletic Director John Cohen released a statement condemning the behavior.

“We join Vanderbilt in declaring such behavior unacceptable and in direct conflict with the values of both institutions and our fan bases,” Cohen shared in a statement on Twitter. 

“The college world series serves as a celebration of the entire sport of college baseball. Highly inappropriate events must neither be tolerated nor allowed to detract from the on-the-field accomplishments of the student-athletes and their teams who have earned the right to participate on this national stage,” he added.