As a Black person, there are certain jokes and riddles that only we get. No matter the generation, it seems like we can all connect through humor. So much so, that we even have games like Black Card Revoked, the Growing Up Black Memes card game, Out of Bounds: Black Culture, and so many other card games catering to our humor, the way we were raised, Black culture, music, etc.

Being in Black spaces like HBCUs, clubs and organizations in school, Greek organizations, Black professional spaces, Black Twitter and barber shops and hair salons have always given us the opportunity to be ourselves around our own people. We crack jokes, we tell stories and we bring humor to serious situations.

Here are a few Black people jokes and riddles that are well-received in our community.

Black People Riddles

  • What do you need to take out of the freezer? A: The chicken (and you better do it before mom gets home).
  • Who was in Paris? A: N*ggas
  • Who’s the king of pop? A: Michael Jackson
  • Black people age like what? A: Fine wine.
  • Finish the sentence: God is good… A: All the time!
  • Is Black people salad healthy? A: Short answer, no.
  • What do we drink when we’re sick or not feeling well? A: Ginger Ale
  • What does CPT mean? A: Colored People Time
  • What do you say when that baby doesn’t have a coat on? A: Why doesn’t that baby have a coat on?
  • What profession/service is charging a fee or any and everything? A: These new-age hairstylists.
  • What is AAVE? A: African-American Vernacular English (aka, the way we talk and interact with each other)
  • What does ‘they ate that’ mean? A: They did their thing.
  • What are you eating at the work potluck? (That’s why you can’t eat at everybody’s house) A: What you brought and store-bought food.
  • 20 Black people planned a trip, how many actually went? A: The trip didn’t actually leave the group chat.
  • What TikTok famous food reviewer left the city of Atlanta in shambles? A: Keith Lee
  • What was the famous folding chair used for? A: The Boat Brawl
  • What do Black people get on December 21? A: Superpowers

Black Quotes

  • “Not a white refrigerator?”
  • “I’m rooting for everybody Black”?
  • “Twin….where have you been.”
  • “Who all gone be there?”
  • “Don’t be coming in and out my house.”
  • “I’m not your little friend”
  • “I say that to say this…”
  • “IKYFL”
  • “Top two ain’t number two.”

More Pop Culture Moments/Memes

  • Steve Harvey shaking his head meme
  • She ain’t no divaaaaa
  • Unimpressed Viola Davis meme (from HTGAWM)
  • “And I, Oop” meme
  • Dre from Blackish crying meme
  • Obama’s ‘really?’ meme
  • Today drained me meme
  • Lucious from Empire singing meme
  • Will Smith slapping Chris Rock
  • Oscars So White
  • Usher “Watch this”
  • 21 Savage British Jokes
  • Popeyes Chicken Sandwich