Do you have hair? 

Do you want a hair care product made just for you by black scientists and engineers?

If so, you’re in luck.

Procter & Gamble announced the release of a new hair care line known as the Gold Series, and it’s just for black hair, WCPO Cincinnati reports.

 Photo: WCPO

Whether your hair is natural, relaxed or anything in between, the brothers and sisters at P&G have you covered, apparently.

The Gold Series is the result of 10 years of research at Procter & Gamble’s Cincinnati-area facility. 

Back in those salad, Obama-era days, black researchers at P&G asked one another via e-mail whether or not they could use their scientific know-how to create a product that they themselves would use.

“There was a real opportunity there. We were potentially missing the boat,” Ian Henry, a black analytical chemist at P&G told WCPO.

That’s certainly the truth — the black hair care business rakes in over $2 billion a year.

Madame CJ wasn’t no fool.

“So, out of recognition of that, we came together and said, ‘Hey, there’s something we can do here,’” Henry said.

We, being a crack team of black P&G scientists, like Rukeyser Thompson, head of P&G’s hair care research and development unit.

Thompson says the road to the Gold Series was long, and not at all easy. “You think about March Madness, you start with 64 teams. I’m not saying we started with 64 products, but we started with a lot. And we did a lot of iterations and just eliminating products out of it.”

Any scientist can tell you that science is slow. But it doesn’t often happen in a beauty salon.

At P&G it did though — researchers on the Gold Series team set up a special beauty salon/laboratory to try out various iterations of their product. In addition to the standard sinks and dryers, the salon also was equipped with advanced scientific equipment.

“We had to establish a salon that was not just a salon like you going to get your hair done, but where we have technical methods,” Thompson said. 

All that work’s paid off in a product the team says is revolutionary — they claim that it moisturizes and strengthens black hair like no other product on the market can.

The team — which eventually grew to include 400 of P&G’s scientists and engineers — is proud of the eight products they’ve created, and say that more hair care tools made specifically for black hair are on the way from the company.