After pointing out a TikTok user's white privilege, a Black TikTok creator says she is being threatened with a lawsuit.

Sevyn Sativa says that 22-year-old Anna Gantt had ordered her to "lawyer up" after releasing a TikTok video pointing out Gantt's white privilege. 

The original video received nearly 30 million views and featured Gantt talking about her experience with a casting director and producer who asked the model to lose weight for a photoshoot. Gantt, a model since 2014, revealed she'd overcome an eating disorder, which led to her acquiring what she considers a healthier frame size 4/6 compared to her former frame size 0/2.


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"I'm shit on every day because I'm not a skeleton, and I'm not unhealthy anymore," Gantt said. "I see on TikTok everybody wants to be in fashion, everybody wants to be a model. I'm 5'10", I'm healthy, I suffered with an eating disorder for years, and I finally feel confident at my size."

As Gantt's video gained viral attention, Sativa responded with her own TikTok video, initially expressing sympathy for Gantt and her body-shaming experience. However, Sativa quickly pointed out that despite Black women sharing the same concerns, Gantt's race put her experience at the focal point.

"Women of color, specifically Black women, have been pointing out this problem within this industry for years," Sativa said in her response video. "Notice how you as a white woman were able to get on this app and tell us your experience, get over 10 million views, 2 million likes, and over 30,000 comments with immediate responses."


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Gantt shared that TikTok users began sending her death threats following Sativa's response. Gantt also said that two creators labeled her fatphobic, a racist, and a white supremacist. In the now-deleted video, Gantt added that "she's not taking any legal action." However, Sativa denies calling Gantt any of those terms and told the Daily Dot that Gantt blocked her on TikTok.

"Not surprising you don't mention the two death threats I received directly relating to your previous video. Better lawyer up," Gantt allegedly wrote in the now-deleted comment.


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In response, Sativa reiterated that her video was made purely to spotlight how one person's experience was received quicker than another, highlighting the difference between white and Black models in the industry.

"The victim narrative really stresses me out because you're saying I said things that I didn't say," Sativa said in a follow-up video.