When I woke up on Friday, my various social media feeds were flooded with the news that the Supreme Court ruled gay marriage legal nationwide. As an ally to the community, I understand everyone’s excitement. However, I also see some of the Black community’s reluctance to put aside all the other events happening lately to our people in order to celebrate.

There are many good reasons for this: this distracts from the fact that others in the LGBTQIA community are still silenced, events like this can result in anti-LGBTQIA actions like hate crimes, and who benefits the most are wealthy, white homosexuals. A very good post explaining this further can be found here.

To uplift voices that are so often ignored, I’m sharing this video showing Black trans couples talking about their love. These 10 minutes are just a brief reminder of how important it is to support our Black and LGBTQIA friends/family in this time, and ultimately show that black love matters.

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