Twitter spent most of the week reminding itself of the good ol' days as we entered the last month of the decade.

As many of our favorite memes and videos resurfaced this week, a new hashtag appeared dedicated to Atlanta's greatest hits of the decade.

Twitter also had a field day with Offset's latest transgressions and went completely nuts with Baby Yoda memes. 

Here are your tweets of the week.

There's no better place to start than #AtlantaMusicOfTheDecade, which put so many of our favorite hits back in rotation thanks to the nostalgia of Twitter.

Twitter also had a good time clowning Offset after some questionable tweets from his account appeared. In honor of Frozen 2's dominance at the box office, this Twitter classic thankfully returned to our lives. Twitter also had some questions about what Future was doing with his eyes at the latest Def Jam party. There was a huge and astoundingly adorable thread highlighting the truly special relationship that exists between Black parents and their mischievous pets. But nothing dominated Twitter quite like Baby Yoda. Even a politician got in on the Baby Yoda memes.  But it was the other Baby Yoda meme that flooded our timelines this week. It was only a matter of time until a Twitter genius decided to put air pods and boots on the baby alien. And yet the best Baby Yoda memes were the ones that we could readily identify with. Stay warm this weekend!