Black Twitter recalls the times they were mistaken for the help #IDontWorkHere

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| March 04 2016,

07:20 am

Thankfully, this guy was semi-woke and said he understood what he did was wrong.

Or being mistaken for the coatroom

And you didn't even apply for the job

Next time you should...nvm, that's illegal

How even?!

Looks like we need to avoid Walmart.

You must have been ready to go.

Judge by the color of the shirt, not the color of the skin.

Is it bring your baby to work day?

How Sway?!

The headphones must be connected to the employees in the back.


Yep, definitely not going to Walmart.

I hope you did indeed drag her into recognition

Definitely would have put these in the nearest trash bin.

Oh don't do it...


This is so infuriating. Share your stories of being mistaken for the help below.

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