There was a lot of excitement in the beauty pageant world in 2019, with the news that five Black women had won in some of the world's most prestigious beauty pageants, including Miss Teen USA, Miss America, Miss USA, Miss Universe and Miss World. 

It was the first time in history this was ever accomplished. Women of color continue to break down barriers in beauty pageants, evidenced by the latest winners, despite a long history of segregation and racism.

The win of Miss USA 2021 by Elle Smith of Kentucky was not only a historic victory for the state, but it also brought home the title for other Black women — including Miss Earth 2021 and Miss Teen USA 2021. 

Destiny Wagner of Belize, Miss Earth 2021, and Breanna Myles of Florida, Miss Teen USA 2021, broke barriers by becoming the first women from the areas they represented to win titles in their respective pageants. 

Here are some exciting and fun facts about our newly crowned queens.