Blavity Inc. Has Raised $6.5 Million In Our First Official Round Of Funding. This Is What It Means For You.

This is all for you, fam.

(Left to Right) Aaron Samuels, Morgan DeBaun and Jeff Nelson
Photo Credit: Blavity, Inc.

| July 21 2018,

4:53 pm

Blavity fam, 

You know we just want to make y'all proud, right? So for the past year, our power players have been networking like nobody's business so we can provide you with the blackest quality media content out there.

Just four years ago, Blavity Inc. co-founders and resident hustlers Morgan DeBaun, Jonathan Jackson, Aaron Samuels and Jeff Nelson embarked on a venture to give black culture the spotlight it deserves while paying homage to all you creative spirits who make us who we are.

And well, a few companies who happen to be rolling in m's like Google VenturesMacro Ventures, Baron DavisComcast Ventures and Plexo Capital were feelin' the mission. So here we are. 

In Series A of Blavity Inc.'s funding (which essentially means our first significant round of collecting coins), we've raised $6.5 million!

So what does that mean for y'all, our people? 

It means that we aren't taking this unique opportunity to provide the content black millennials want to see in a media landscape where black publications are scarce or taken for granted.

For the team here at Blavity, the new funds translate to: 

Just kidding. 

More money simply means more resources to invest in all of our brands: Blavity News, AfroTech, 21Ninety, Shadow & Act and Travel Noire -- and to get better lunches. We're also opening up a new office in ATL which will solely house our growing engineering and data team. 

As our CEO Morgan DeBaun puts it, “A lot of innovation will come out of [this] office in the next six to nine months."

If we're able to hear just a few people say, "Blavity done came up" in the coming months, we'll know we're doing something right.