Point 'Em Out is an editorial series where Blavity explores the latest and greatest in Black art. Thanks to modern-day technology, we get to be virtual consumers of yesterday's icons and today’s most innovative Black artwork, and — if we're lucky — the Black geniuses who produce them.

At the intersection of Black art and coffee tables lies the beautifully crafted and equally informative art book. For the most part, people sleep on these texts when they are actual art pieces themselves. By design, these texts go above and beyond monetary value as they deliver on aesthetics and a comprehensive understanding of an artist's work. Well before flipping through their pages, art books tease art lovers with captivating covers that range in texture, color and depth. The experience is often layered with critical perspectives from writers and other creatives, who speak to and for the style, execution, imagination and mission of an artist's body of work.

Amassing original art is optimal. However, becoming an avid collector isn't conducive to everyone's budget. Art books, on the other hand, makes art work accessible in a very tangible way. The bonus in acquiring them is that it supports the artist as well. Now, if you're out there running around professing your love of Black art, you're playing yourself if you don't own these 13 Black art books.