When we see a couple in a healthy, happy relationship, we tend to pin the pair as “relationship goals.” Relationship goals are what many romantic hopefuls, whether single or committed, wish for. 

The idea of true love, traveling the world, trying new foods, wearing matching outfits, going on cute dates, taking adorable pictures, buying gifts and all that cute ish with a badder than bad significant other seems to be a thriving social trend that tells the world “N****a we made it.” There is nothing wrong with acknowledging and celebrating Black love, promoting Black love, and encouraging ourselves and others to aspire to have Black love. Usher in the social media platform that focuses on all of the above — @meandsomebodyson_.

MEANDSOMEBODYSON is more than just a hashtag or a term we use when we’re trying to be secretive about who we’re dating (you know; no face, no case). Having the opportunity to connect with the person(s) responsible for curating the social content for the popular social media page was exciting for Blavity. Let’s dig into the story behind the brand, the content and the inspiration for @meandsomebodyson_.

 Blavity: What was the initial mission for MEANDSOMEBODYSON and has it changed over the first year?

 MEANDSOMEBODYSON: The initial mission of the MEANDSOMEBODYSON page was to inspire Black people by showcasing Black love in all shapes and shades. I wanted to see love that I could relate to, and I knew if I wanted that space there had to be other Black women who were yearning for that as well. In no way did I expect my page and posts to resonate with this many people. The mission hasn’t changed, only expanded.

Blavity: How has the overall page evolved? What has stayed the same?

MEANDSOMEBODYSON: The page has evolved in terms of its reach and influence. MEANDSOMEBODYSON has followers all over the world, which is mind boggling. It’s also evolved in regards to growing beyond a virtual space. I planned to have a few events this year, but Covid-19 unfortunately halted those plans. It’s okay though, because this has granted time to plan bigger and better things for when the time is right. What has remained consistent is posting the love that exists between Black people. I always want to remain true to that, the reason this page exists is to be a hub for inspirational Black love.

Blavity: What impact do you feel your brand has on the conversations around Black love, intimacy, relationships and the institution of marriage? 

MEANDSOMEBODYSON: I think it has sparked conversations about what healthy love looks like between Black people. Often, Black women are taught love needs to be hard, we need to endure pain first to achieve love, and that Black men don’t love Black women etc. But I think MEANDSOMEBODYSON has caused a shift in those narratives. I believe constantly showcasing various couples helps debunk the idea that healthy, happy, prosperous Black Love doesn’t exist, because clearly it does. 

Blavity: Who is your favorite celebrity couple and why? Have you featured them?

MEANDSOMEBODYSON: In running this page, and hearing so many love stories, I’ve come to learn it’s best to admire, but not to compare, so I do not idolize any couple per say. If I had to choose a couple that is inspirational, Khadeen and Devale Ellis. I think they are so transparent about what their relationship and love is like. I appreciate that they’re not a couple who says this is how it’s done, but rather this is how we do it, and it’s working for us. I have featured them, and they responded in the comments, which was really dope to me. 

In the same regard, I think it’s an important part of the MEANDSOMEBODYSON space that the photos are of everyday people, because that makes it so much more relatable, so I do veer away from posting celebrity couples often. 

Blavity: How do you curate these beautiful Black memes and what are your top three tips for creating the perfect "Black love" caption?

MEANDSOMEBODYSON: I am a visual person, so I curated the memes by what I call a content theme, or series. Every 3 photos match each other, which is very important to me. I want people to enjoy scrolling through the MEANDSOMEBODYSON page. Three tips for creating the perfect Black love caption, speak from the heart, have a flow to your writing style, and lastly it doesn’t have to mention Blackness, because when we are talking about Black love there is recognition beyond Blackness. 

Blavity: How has your own experience with Black love impacted how you manage the IG page?

MEANDSOMEBODYSON: It has impacted what I thought love should be. It taught me “should,” really shouldn’t be used when talking about love. Love is beautiful, but it can get rough. It’s solidified my belief that love isn’t just a feeling, but an action as well. It also taught me self love is key to loving someone else. 

Blavity: These memes turned into a Black love movement. What part does humor play in your life? What part does it play in Black culture?

MEANDSOMEBODYSON: Humor plays a huge part in my life. I crack jokes with my friends daily. I love to laugh and bring humor to awkward and weird situations. I think that’s something that Black people just do naturally, Black twitter is the perfect example of that.

Blavity: You didn't anticipate your page going viral, but you've managed to maintain its viral success. What advice would you give to social media users who have viral ideas like yours? If they succeed, what can they expect and what are three things they should do to protect their idea?

MEANDSOMEBODYSON: I think I’m in a unique position because I didn’t expect this, so I never really have expectations when posting or putting out content. If I like it, I post it, and if people like they like it, if they don’t, maybe they’ll like the next one. I think authenticity is important, while I was inspired by other Black love pages, I found a way to make this my own, and because of that I was able to stand out. 

In terms of legally protecting yourself, trademark your ideas. I also think being genuine is key. When you are genuine and people resonate with you, that’s protection in itself. People are more likely to stand up for you and be in your corner when you are a genuine person. 

Blavity: Is there anything new coming from MEANDSOMEBODYSON (merch, new content segue/sister account- #meandsomebodydaughter/auntie/daddy, etc.)? Any other news you'd like to share with our audience?

MEANDSOMEBODYSON: A shirt for the brand has officially launched. I wanted to make something that not only spoke to the brand, but also to Black Love in general, so our first piece of merch is dedicated to how Black people say “I love you” throughout the African diaspora. More merch will be coming soon. I had so much in store for 2020, but for everyone’s safety I will hold off until next year.  I’m looking to expand and work with brands, so if any brands are interested, please reach out. 

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