During the developmental stages of hip-hop, the radio DJ was the person who artists really wanted to connect with to ensure their music got airtime. Today, DJs remain just as significant, spinning for clubs, concerts, galas, block parties, festivals and more. They are creating their own fan base, even releasing their own mixtapes and albums. As such, a hot DJ is a hot commodity and can get other performers some significant cool points.

Female DJs are even more of a commodity, in comparison to their male counterparts. Like with many male-dominated industries, it's always refreshing to see and experience a new perspective — a woman’s touch on something many consider too harsh or rigorous for her to handle. For whatever reason, the world still likes to view women as soft, sensitive and fragile. Although women may be some or all of those things at times, surely it is not all that they are or can be. Women have been significant players in the music and entertainment industry, and women who DJ are a thriving factor in that representation.

Here are five female DJs that do this ish with ease, flair and so much swag!

1. DJ Val Fleury 

Val Fleury is a Liberian born DJ, producer and radio host based in Los Angeles, who has toured the United States and abroad performing in nightclubs, at festivals, for fashion shows and everywhere in between. Well known for her ability to mix genres, Val provides a stellar experience through her performances. Additionally, the versatile DJ has worked with artists like Goldroom and Kat Dahlia, and even has original music that fans can download from various music streaming platforms.

2. DJ Tiff McFierce 

Better known as her stage name Tiff McFierce, Tiffany McPhearson is a trained professional dancer, radio personality and DJ, who has performed for numerous crowds across the globe. Noted as the first woman to become a resident DJ at Madison Square Garden, DJ Tiff also assists the venue with its music production. Her style uses a fusion of current pop music, soul, hip-hop, R&B and dance music to create a sound that has made her one of the most desired women in the profession within her industry and even for major brands. 

3. DJ Duffey 

Native Texan Latosha Duffey aka DJ Duffey is a self-motivated entrepreneur and founder of the entertainment company, Duffey Entertainment. Her agency helps groom artists for the music industry, providing up and comers with a fully staffed team to assist with their image, sound and performing abilities. Duffey began her career studying a fellow Texas disc jockey, DJ ASAP, and her careful observation of ASAP's technique showed her what it takes to become an all-around performer. Currently, she's the official DJ for rapper French Montana.

4. DJ Diamond Kuts

DJ Diamond Kuts is a go-getter radio and tour DJ from Philadelphia. Diamond has always been a music fan and wanted to express her love for the art form since an early age. Once her father, hip-hop pioneer Grand Tone from the Korner Boyz, bought her a turntable as a child, she fell in love with the craft and has been creating mixes ever since. 

The hardworking DJ began her career releasing a new original mixtape every month, now Kuts spins multiple primetime slots weekly on Philadelphia’s premiere radio station Power 99. In addition to blazing the airways, DJ Diamond Kuts has toured with rapper Lil Mama and Nicki Minaj. She has also DJd for the US Open. 

5. DJ Beverly Bond

Former model, Beverley Bond  has worked with some of the industry’s most iconic stars and brands. As a DJ, the business woman and entertainment personality has spun for Prince, Sean Diddy Combs, Jay Z, Chanel and more. Her professional DJ career started on the New York City Club scene in '99. Since then, her brand has expanded to include Black Girls Rock!, a mentorship program that has grown to reach national views through an awards ceremony on the BET network. Black Girls Rock! is a celebration of Black Girl Magic like never before and DJ Beverly Bonds is the epitome of it.

We are grateful for these, and many other, legendary women who DJ, Emcee and Produce — women who are challenging the “norm” of male dominated industries and adding that sister soul the world needs. This may be a man’s world, as James Brown once put it, but the music and entertainment industry wouldn’t be the same without a woman's touch.