As the Texas Tribune reports, 666 new laws went into effect in Texas on September 1. (Despite the prominence of Christianity in Texas politics, the state’s Republican governor and GOP-led legislature seem to not have noticed the irony in the number associated with the antichrist, oppressive government and the end of the world). Some of these laws will likely be beneficial for Texans and please voters on both sides of the political aisle, such as funding for higher education or provisions making it easier for some vulnerable populations to receive food assistance.

However, a number of the new laws are highly controversial, with many arguing that they will restrict the rights of women and increase violence, especially toward Black and brown communities. The laws join a number of controversial measures that had either been put into effect in Texas earlier this summer or are poised to become law soon.

Many of these new laws and policies not only impact the people of Texas but are having a major influence on the rest of the country as well. Here is a brief breakdown of the most contentious laws in Texas and their impact on the nation as a whole.