March Beauty Picks


Spring is finally coming around! It has been a ridiculously cold winter in the DMV. I am looking forward to feeling the warmth of the sun and basking in breezy days before the humidity arrives. Here are some beauty picks to help you spring forward.

 1. Nail Polish Nudes, H&M: Working in corporate America does not allow many of us to get too creative with our nail color selection. Nudes are a classy and no-brainer choice throughout the year, but are especially fitting during the spring. Jazz it up by adding some glitter to one finger or on the tips of all your fingers.

 2. Bianca Day to Night Eye Shadow Palette, I always carry an eye palette of some sort in my makeup bag. My favorites are the ones that have a variation of nudes or earth tones. It makes it easy to create a simple look for work that can be turned into a smoky look for happy hour or catching up with bae.

 3. True Match Super Blendable Makeup, L’Oreal: I started using True Match after I saw Beyoncé’s commercial for the product. True to its claims, this water-based foundation goes on super smooth, matches really well to your complexion and does not clog up your pores. Add a little bit of Black Radiance’s pressed powder and you’re ready to go. L’Oreal deserves bonus points for offering a drugstore brand that comes in wide range of shades. They’re here for us.  

4. Eos Sweet Mint Lip Balm, Target: The transition from winter to spring probably still has your lips in recovery mode. I like Eos’ fun shape and a hint of mint never hurts.

 5. ‘Daisy Sorbet,’ Marc Jacobs: Mr. Jacobs never seems to fail me with his scent selection. I fell in love with the original Daisy and practically wore it for a year straight. Daisy Sorbet is a perfect scent for the season. I found it to be floral, but not overpowering. Its sweet and flirty, which is everything spring should be.

 6. Alter Ego Cream Lipstick, LORAC: If you haven’t guessed it by now, I’m a big fan of nude shades. With careful selection, nude lipsticks can be worn by women of color. Just make sure to choose a color that is not too opaque or chalky to avoid the risk of your lips looking ashy.  Peep beauty vlogger Destiny Godley’s video on how to select a shade:


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