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Lukogho Lukogho Kasomo

Congolese-American/Former Hill Staffer/World traveler. Imelda Marcos is my spirit animal.

Lukogho's posts

Five Tips to Help You Get Through The Post-Inauguration Work Week

Well, it finally happened. The 45th President of the United States of America has been officially sworn into office. Although you’re probably still mourning the departure of our beloved former first family, your bank account and bills are telling you to head into the office on Monday. Chances are, you’ll spend the rest of the week navigating awkward conversations with your...

Why Steve Harvey needs a new hobby

This past week, self-proclaimed relationship guru and woman-whisperer Steve Harvey decided it would be a brilliant idea to host 2,000 men for a revelatory segment on the failings of women in dating. The thrice-married Harvey has been on crusade to enlighten women to the ways of men since the release of his book, Think Like A Man (TLAM) in 2009. The success of TLAM allowed him the...

My experience at Essence Fest #BlavityHouse: Wrap-up

 Friday After brunch Friday morning, some of the ladies and I made moves to the convention center. On the way over, we were able to catch up with We Dat Food Truck. We Dat has been killing the NOLA food truck scene. If you're in the city, make sure to grab some red beans and rice or shrimp tacos from this city staple. The convention center was packed with vendors, celebrities and...