Blue Ivy Carter reminded her grandma Tina Knowles Lawson and the rest of the world who really matters on Mother’s Day.

On Sunday afternoon, Mama Tina filmed a Mother’s Day message with her bonus daughter Kelly Rowland and posted it to her Instagram page.

“Happy Mother’s Day,” Rowland began.

“Happy Mother’s Day to all of the beautiful mothers out there,” Lawson said.

Blue was offscreen, but the 8-year-old stole the spotlight.

“And don’t forget all the beautiful daughters!” the “Brown Skin Girl” singer declared. “Which I am one of them.”

The little one’s cute reminder had her grandma laughing. Rowland was a bit distracted by her 5-year-old son Titan Jewell Weatherspoon.

“Here come mine talking about ‘Mommy!’" Rowland said.

On Monday, Lawson shared her family went to Beyoncé’s house to get tested for COVID-19. Thankfully, they all tested negative and she was able to see her grandbabies.

“The two babies that are 2, they don't really understand, so on Saturday we got together from a safe distance, we all went to Bey's at a distance,” Lawson told Entertainment Tonight, referring to Beyoncé’s 2-year-old twins Sir and Rumi Carter. “We all got tested, Kelly was there, and I got to see my grandchildren from afar and it was hard. That's been the hardest part about this.”

Lawson collaborated with her famous daughter to provide coronavirus testing, personal protective equipment and other resources to Houston’s Black community.

"We hope this will become a movement and that it will encourage us to get tested and find out our status," she told CBS News.

Additionally, proceeds from the “Savage” remix will be donated to Bread of Life, a local nonprofit organization, as Blavity previously reported. Speaking of, Mama Tina also shared how she felt about Bey’s musical tribute to her in the track.

In the song, Beyoncé raps, “I’m a boss, I’m a leader, I pull up in my two-seater. And my momma was a savage, I got this s**t from Tina.”

It turns out, the matriarch was surprised along with the rest of the world.

"As far as the 'savage' is concerned, you know it is funny because people started texting me and calling me a savage, and I was like why are they calling me a savage? Then someone sent me a video of this girl doing a dance and I was like, Oh, it is something good!"

Beyoncé clearly stans her mom, and Lawson is equally as proud of her daughter.  

"It is funny because I wrote her and told her how proud I was because she and Jack Dorsey teamed up and they helped a lot of organizations during this COVID crisis. I wrote her a text to tell her how proud I was of her and that she was doing God's work. She said to me, 'Yeah, because I want to be like you,'" Lawson said. "I really got that message across to them as kids. We have been feeding the homeless since Beyoncé was 10 and Solange was five."