Boosie Badazz decided to serenade the police with some of his classic songs when he got pulled over for speeding in Fulton County, Georgia on Friday. The 39-year-old rapper apparently determined that it would be the perfect time to blurt out the lyrics to “Set It Off” and “F**K the Police.”

“You wanna talk s**t, you wanna run ya mouth,” Boosie rapped while filming himself in fornt of the officers during the traffic stop. “You want some gangsta’s front your motherf**king house, we’ll set this b***h off.”

After declaring that he’s performing in front of fans on the highway, the rapper switched to “F**k the Police.”

“Cities, f**k ‘em, narcotics, f**k ‘em,” he rapped. “Feds, f**k’em, DAs, f**k ‘em. We don’t need you b***hes on our street, say with me, f**k the police, f**k the police! Without that badge you a b***h and a half n***a, f**k the police, f**k the police.”

Boosie continued to taunt the officers when he pulled out a large stack of cash and asked “are we going to jail or not?”

“The money is ready,” he said. “This is pocket change…$30,000, this is what I keep in my pocket to spend a day.”

The officers listened without giving much response while the artist offered to pay them double their income if they come work for him. Boosie also promised the officers that they can get their “d**k sucked by Black women” if they work for him.

According to TMZ, police said Boosie was pulled over for going 73 in a 55 mph zone. An unknown object was also tossed from the car before the stop, police said.

After stopping the rapper, police said they smelled weed and proceeded to search the car. According to police, a small amount of weed was found in the car, but Boosie wasn’t cited.

As Blavity previously reported, Boosie had another encounter with police during a traffic stop in Georgia in July.

As officers handcuffed the artist after allegedly smelling weeding in his black Cadillac SUV,  Boosie said “You f**king motherf**kers are targeting my vehicles.”

“I can’t be going through this though, bro,” the rapper said while handcuffed. “It’s harassment, it’s every day. I can’t even live. I moved to the country to f**kin’ live, bro.”