Michelle Wu, the first Asian American mayor in the history of Boston, is speaking out after getting backlash for hosting a holiday party for elected officials of color.

According to the Associated Press, Wu said the “Electeds of Color Holiday Party” has been held in Boston for decades and there haven’t been any complaints about it through the years.

This year’s event faced controversy after somebody from Wu’s staff mistakenly sent an invitation to the entire city council. The staff later sent a follow-up email, explaining that the invitation wasn’t supposed to be sent to everybody on the council.

“There are many events that are private events for all sorts of groups, so we’ve clarified that and look forward to seeing everyone at one of the dozens of opportunities to celebrate the holidays,” Wu told reporters on Dec. 13.

She added that the initial email was “truly just an honest mistake that went out in typing the email field.”

According to Wu’s press secretary, city funds were not used to pay for the event.

City Council member Frank Baker, who is white, is one of the critics of the event.

“I think the holidays is a time for people — everybody — to get together. So we’ll see what happens,” Baker told NBC10 Boston. “I do find it divisive, but what are you going to do about it?”

“You don’t want me at a party, I’m not going to come to a party,” he added.

Fellow council member Ricardo Arroyo defended the event.

“I think somebody wanted to make this an inflammatory issue and they’ve clearly succeeded. I have two microphones in my face asking me about an annual holiday that we have and whether or not I should care about their feelings,” Arroyo told reporters.

Ruthzee Louijeune, Boston city councilor-at-Large, also spoke up in defense of the event.

“It is not at all divisive, it is creating spaces for people, and communities and identities with shared experiences to come together,” Louijeune said at the Dec. 13 City Council meeting, NBC Boston reported. “We are still breaking barriers and it is so important for us to carve out and create that space.”