There were many cultural staples in the '90s, but few things were as consistent as the presence of the braids in Brandy's head.

Brandy’s braids were just as well-known as her music and television gigs.

She sported them in a bevy of styles.

Sometimes, they were sleek.

Sometimes, she put them in a sickening updo.

Or a pair of cute pigtails. 

Before our president was Black, Brandy gave us a Black Cinderella who, yes, had those braids.

Brandy’s braids are ICONIC. Or, at least, they were until someone’s cousin paid too much attention to the Moesha star’s hairline.

Not only did Nneoma's Instagram post show she was paying attention, but she made us notice, as well. An old-school picture of Brandy featured in the post does show what appears to be a frontal in the star’s head.

We could have gone the rest of our lives without this revelation. Yes, we wondered how she made the time to keep up fresh braids, but we believed in her. Is nothing sacred?!

We’re not the only ones finding ourselves saddened and burdened by this information:

Sadly, we must report we will never look at Brandy, or Moesha, the same.

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