Congratulations to the students at the University of Missouri!

What began as a series of protests from activist group Concerned Student 1950 and a hunger strike by graduate student Jonathan Butler has evolved into a full-blown revolution at the university, ending with MU System President Tim Wolfe resigning, as requested by students (including the football team), faculty, alumni and allies alike.

This morning faculty members actively expressed their support by participating in a walkout. The faculty staged a “teach­-in” where questions from students could be directly addressed to them.

Effective immediately Monday morning, President Tim Wolfe resigned during a press conference. “I take full responsibility for the actions that have occurred,” Wolfe said, “I have asked everybody to use my resignation to heal. Let’s focus on changing what we can change today and in the future, not what we can’t change in the past.”

This is amazing to see. The overwhelming black unity has me so excited. Students, athletes and faculty all joining together to say “No! This isn’t right. WE DEMAND CHANGE!” is simply beautiful.

Bravo, Concerned Student 1950! May this be encouragement and a reminder to all of us that we ARE powerful. We CAN create change. Solidarity in the movement is one of our biggest weapons and I am so proud of the students and faculty at the University of Missouri.

Twitter also weighed in with expressions of support: