In 1997, the world lost one of the greatest rappers to ever bless the mic. Now, Biggie Smalls has a Brooklyn street named after him. 

On Monday, fans, local activists and family members braved a downpour to take part in the street renaming ceremony to honor the late artist. The New York Post reports the intersection of St. James Place and Fulton Street will now be known as “Christopher Wallace Way.”

As the legend of Biggie remains steadfast, Wallace will forever be associated with Christopher Wallace Way in Bedford-Stuyvesant. 

The renaming was spearheaded by spirited fans and activists. Dating back as early as 2013, community leaders shut down plans to give Wallace his own street due to the violent nature of his lyrics and drug-dealing past. 

Local community activist and public advocate Jumaane Williams told CBS New York the importance of having heroes like Biggie to look up to.

“We have a right to celebrate that just like anybody else. We have a right to look up to our hip hop heroes,” Williams said. “We’re celebrating Biggie. We’re celebrating hip hop. We’re celebrating ourselves.”

New York City council member Laurie Cumbo called the ceremony a victory because of the years it took to accomplish. Last year, city leaders realized the time was right to pay tribute to the Brooklyn native.  

“When new people come to our community, don’t get it twisted and don’t forget, we made this borough what it is today. We created this borough and Biggie Smalls created the soundtrack of inspiration,” said Cumbo in front of a giant crowd of onlookers and fans. 

Among the crowd standing in the rain were Biggie's mother, Voletta Wallace, as well as the late artist's protege Lil' Kim. The two spoke about Biggie's legacy as an artist and man. 

“This street is going to be a love street. People are going to come here and they’re going to know that a young man, my son, was living here,” Voletta Wallace told the eventgoers.

In 1994, Big discovered Lil Kim helping launch her multiple Grammy-winning career. She reminisced about the moments Biggie shared his dreams and aspirations with her when they were rising in the industry. 

“I always knew this day was gonna come,” the "Lighters Up" rapper said. “I used to dream about a street being named after Biggie because it was only right.”

The street renaming is just one of the ways locals paid tribute to the late rapper. About two years ago, a playground was named after Wallace as the Christopher “Biggie” Wallace courts

As the city continues to deal with gentrification, no matter what happens the Notorious B.I.G's influence can't be pushed out.