“Bye Felicia” is trending — and it’s not for reasons you may think.

TechCrunch is reporting that as of Oct. 28, Elon Musk — dude-bro savior, apartheid legacy kid, and all-around strange egg — officially owns Twitter.

Musk’s acquisition comes after months of speculation and legal drama that concluded with an exchange of $44 billion between the Tesla founder and the popular social media platform.

And in true Musk fashion, he made the announcement in the most cringe way.

As can be expected, the usual suspects — namely, those who support Donald Trump and all his mind-scratchingly ridiculous and racist shenanigans — began begging Musk to restore the former host of The Apprentice back to Twitter.

And when word got out that Musk began “cleaning house” — firing most of Twitter’s executives en masse upon his official takeover — the Ford F-150 crowd got “Bye Felicia” trending.

Because, naturally, “cleaning corporate house” — a common move in mergers and acquisitions — automatically means that Twitter can now become a white sheet-wearing utopia, where white people are free to say the n-word with a hard -er without fear of a digital — or literal — a** whooping.

That said, this is Apartheid Clyde we’re talking about here, so anything’s possible.

Nevertheless, for the benefit of the white people who have just discovered “Bye Felicia,” let’s take a look at the true origins of the phrase.