At a time when way too many folks are confused with Rihanna's dialect in 'Work,' it might be time to get a head start on teaching the next generation across the diaspora about Caribbean culture.  And that's where Callaloo comes in. It's a fun, educational and exciting series created by D.C.-based entrepreneurs Marjuan Canady and Nabeeh Bilal that promotes cultural literacy and social education for children through books, animation, live performance, digital content, games and arts education tools

Following the many adventures of main characters Winston and his best friend Marisol, kids will be taken on a fun ride through various islands in the Caribbean, learning about the rich culture through food, folktales, traditional dialect and more.  “I want to use Callaloo as a tool for cultural literacy to not only educate in traditional methods — reading, vocabulary, math, geography — but to teach values. Such as tolerance, cultural difference and appreciation, kindness, diversity and acceptance,” Canady said in an interview with Madame Noire. “I think these are values that are missing in the world, and we have to start instilling these values in children from an early age.” Callaloo is available now online, in bookstores and libraries. You can also follow them on Twitter and Instagram If you can't get enough of Callaloo and you'll be in the D.C. area on April 3rd, creators Marjuan and Nabeeh will be at Barnes and Noble on the Howard University campus from 1-3 pm. For more info, see below. 

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