Cardi B Admits She'll Lose Money By Performing At Coachella And She Just Got Finished Paying Her 'Damn Taxes'

The mommy-to-be is paying for her staging out of pocket.

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| April 11 2018,

1:28 pm

Cardi B says she will lose money playing at Coachella after investing $300,000 of her own money into her staging. 

The Bronx rapper recently sat down with SiriusXM’s Shade 45 and divulged the behind-the-scenes dealings of her upcoming Coachella performance. The Binderella is set to hit the stage April 15 and April 22 during the California music festival, but she admits she didn't know Coachella was "such a big deal."

While her debut album Invasion of Privacy has been topping the charts, she was booked for Coachella long before the album's success. Cardi said that although she will be paid $70,000 per day, she'll be left with a nearly $160,000 bill.

"I have to invest so much money on my stage set, my own money," she said. "It's crazy. Almost 300 thou. It's an investment."

The "Be Careful" rapper isn't too shaken up about the money, but she does admit it was an annoying price to pay after tax season. 

"It's an investment. You gotta take that," Cardi said before jokingly baring her teeth. "But it's like dammit, right after I just finished paying my damn taxes."

 Check out the clip below.