On Monday, Chance Combs and Chlöe and Halle Bailey’s younger brother, Branson, revealed in separate Instagram posts that they attended their high school prom together.

The 17-year-old donned a lilac gown with intricate floral appliqué and iridescent attachments. To maintain the purple theme, Chance complemented her look with an ivory and purple corsage and purple bejeweled dangle earrings.

“Prom 2k24💜💐✨,” she captioned her post

Branson also wore the same style of boutonniere with the same flowers. He looked dapper in a black tuxedo, vest and bowtie. Branson made a pun with his date’s name as his caption.

“Take a chance, 2k24🔮,” he captioned his post.

“I love youu💜🤍,” Chance responded in the comments.

Just a few days after Valentine’s Day, it was reported that the Chance and Branson might be an item. Their social media accounts shared snapshots of gifts they exchanged during V-Day celebrations. Branson also posted a video and demonstrated a cute handshake with his girlfriend.

Branson is Courtney and Doug Bailey’s youngest child. He was born and raised in Mableton, Georgia, along with his three older sisters: Chloe, 25, Halle, 24, and Ski, 33. Branson is often seen accompanying his older sisters to various events. He is currently pursuing a career as an athlete.

Despite being so young, Chance is already blossoming into a beautiful young woman and is making a name for herself. She is determined to become an actor and has been accepted into her dream college, the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. She is the daughter of Sarah Chapman, a longtime friend of Diddy. She was born in 2006 and is one of Diddy’s seven children.