Chef and cookbook author Darius “Cooks” Williams, better known as Darius Cooks, opened up about allegations of him stealing money, illegal credit repair practices, bullying Black women, ripping off business partners and more, Black Enterprise reports

Due to the number of accusations, particularly stemming from chef and food blogger Angela Davis, also known as “The Kitchenista,” Williams was dubbed “DariusCrooks.”

“I am not a bully,” Williams told Black Enterprise. “I think what’s happening is, it’s the people who may not be familiar with my brand, because some of the hate mail I’m getting… you know, stop abusing Black women, keep your hands off Black women…and I’m openly gay but I don’t come across as gay.”

“So, my speech, my mannerisms look to be that of a straight man,” he said. “So, if you’re not familiar with me, and you just see my content, you would automatically assume, Black man hitting (on) a Black woman. In reality, I’m openly gay. I talk about sex and a lot of stuff on my Instagram. I talk about dating. I talk about things women want to discuss. I’m like their best friend.”

According to an exposé published by Southern Grit Magazine, Davis began publicly sharing information regarding Williams’ misconduct at the beginning of June, detailing complaints against the food  personality from the Better Business Bureau.