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Chicago Cop Under Investigation After Being Caught On Camera Saying 'I Kill Motherf**kers'

We're really sick of having to type "under investigation."

A Chicago cop is under investigation after he was caught on camera saying he likes to “kill motherf*ckers,” according to FOX 32

The video shows two men arguing with a cop after the men supposedly crossed the street illegally.

At the beginning of the video, the police officer tells the pair “I like to kill motherf*ckers,” but denies saying so after the men call him on it. He also threatens to arrest them for “walking in the street.”

The exchange continues as the cop parks his unmarked SUV and begins to follow the men as they walk to a park. As they walk, the officer tells them, “Illinois is a two-party consent state and I don’t consent to you recording me.” He then accuses one of them of purposely hitting his shoe.

The men ask for his badge number, and the cop rattles off it off along with his last name. He then calls one of the men a “retard” when asked to repeat the information. The video ends when one man asks the cop, “You touching my phone, whatchu doing?”

The video went viral, and Chicago Police announced The Civilian Office of Police Accountability would be investigating the incident.

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