Derricka Patrick, a Chicago mother who was pregnant with her second child, was gunned down in her car in front of her home on Wednesday. Police are now searching for two gunmen who were caught on surveillance camera while shooting at the parked car in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago, according to Fox 32. 

The shooting happened when Patrick returned to her home in the evening with her 15-year-old niece. While the expectant mother parked in front of her home, the teen ran inside the house to get a cake. The 15-year-old then heard gunshots and rushed back to the car. That's when she saw her aunt slumped over the wheel.

Patrick, who was three months pregnant, was pronounced dead at the hospital along with her unborn child.

"I'll never be OK. They took my sister," Dorothy Patrick told ABC 7. "I just want my sister back." 

The 29-year-old was the youngest of five girls. She also had one younger brother.

"She was happy," Dorothy said about her sibling. "She was happy because her daughter is nine, so she wanted a boy." 

Devonta Anderson said his beloved cousin was supposed to be on her way to his birthday celebration when she was killed.

"She was on the way to me and she never made it," he said, according to ABC 7. "My heart is shattered in a million pieces."