Chlöe Bailey's fans came to the singer's defense, again, when she came under fire over her recent Minnie Riperton cover. The "Have Mercy" singer shared a video of her beautifully singing Riperton's 1974 song "Lovin' You" on Monday, but unfortunately some viewers couldn't get past her demeanor.  

Several people made rude or negative comments on Bailey's display of sensuality, largely saying that she missed the mark when it comes to presenting sex appeal or that she was "doing too much."

On Monday, Bailey decided to send out a message in response to the backlash, clapping back at the people telling her to tone it down. 

"I like how you can’t criticize my singing or who i am as an artist, so people find something else to find," she tweeted. "That’s a compliment."

Still, fans rushed to her defense and slammed critics who issued their unwarranted opinions. 

This isn't the first time Bailey has been ridiculed for her sensuality. She previously appeared on Taraji P. Henson's Facebook Watch series Peace of Mind, where she discussed her "social media bullies."

"I think what hurt me the most was when I would see some posts that say I am doing this for male attention or that I'm just trying to sell sex to get attention for myself," she said in the conversation with Henson. "I was really getting sad about it, but then I told myself, 'Why would I let that control my thoughts and feelings when I know it's a lie?'"

Ultimately, she later came to a place where she decided not to focus so much of her thoughts on the negativity.  

"I kind of had to not give it so much power," she continued. "I'm not doing anything crazy. I'm just appreciating and loving myself and my body, and I didn't think there was any problem with that."

Henson encouraged the singer to find her power in the magnitude of her platform and the example she sets for other young women to appreciate their bodies and curves.