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Cleveland Couple Recreates Iconic Obama Photos For Engagement

They miss the real First Family and we know how they feel

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Just when you think no one could possibly miss Barack and Michelle Obama more than you, someone makes a grand gesture (read: creates a meme) and proves you wrong.

Newly-engaged Cleveland couple Cassi and Adam did just that when they decided to recreate iconic photographs of the real First Couple for their engagement photos. Wedding photographer Natasha Herbert posted the beautiful shots next to the original photos making us have an "awwww" moment and also sadly reminisce about when the family occupying the White House wasn't completely out of control and riddled by scandals. Because a tad bit of class is all we ask for from the leader of the free world.

The photos are reminiscent of the trending topic #BringBackObama, which took over social media after President Obama's term ended in November 2016. The couple wanted their engagement photos to be a representation of black love, which is exactly what Barack and Michelle Obama gave us on a regular basic for eight years.

The couple will definitely have some unbelievably cute engagement photos to last them a lifetime and their own personal connection to the Obamas who have inspired us all.

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