CNN has changed its daily lineup several times recently, with its most notable personalities moving to different time slots. However, anchors Victor Blackwell and Omar Jimenez made history after they were paired together accidentally during a weekend morning show.

According to Mediaite, the two men kicked off the Saturday morning edition of CNN This Morning Weekend, with Jimenez filling in for Amara Walker. As the two welcomed viewers to the show, Blackwell jokingly addressed how the duo made history with a two-man broadcast on cable television. 

“So I don’t know if I’ve seen 1: Two men anchor a network broadcast cable network, even at least the last 35 years,” Blackwell said. 

“That’s huge!” Jimenez replied.

“And then, two brothers anchoring the show! It is good to have you this morning!” Blackwell said.

Jimenez seemingly welcomed the unprecedented mishap, calling it a moment in television history.

“Come on! Come on! This is history right now! For you all watching. It’s history!” he said excitedly.

Blackwell and Jiminex anchoring for the first time was a success for the show. Mediaite reported that the pair also returned Sunday morning for another broadcast together. 

CNN anchor and correspondent Sara Sidner shared the outlet’s post on X, formerly known as Twitter. She praised Blackwell and Jimenez for their outstanding work as colleagues and journalists. 

“‘This is History!’ CNN Anchors Celebrate Happy Accident . Love this! ⁦@OmarJimenez and ⁦@VictorBlackwell are wonderful colleagues as well as excellent journalists.” 

X users also chimed in and congratulated the pair on the monumental accident. 

“See I knew I wasn’t crazy when I took a picture of my tv. The first time I’d ever seen 2 Black men anchoring AND with a Black reporter at the White House @VictorBlackwell @OmarJimenez  @JasJWright,” one user said. 

“A happy occurrence, indeed,” another wrote. 

“This was beautiful to see! @OmarJimenez @VictorBlackwell,” a third user said.