Colorstock launched the first diverse stock photo marketplace in 2015 in an effort to change the hue of stock photos. It was reported on March 1 that the stock photo brand will cease its operations on March 31, 2018.

Living in a world that doesn't always appreciate a perspective color, especially in Hollywood, Colorstock was a hub for stock photos featuring people of color that doesn't come easy in a widespread internet search. Featuring pictures of everyday people from emerging photographers to providing a viewpoint of diverse backgrounds is what separated Colorstock from the rest.

In an open letter, founder Jenifer Daniels made the announcement that she will "continue to advocate for creators of color and investment in their abilities. Imagery must be inclusive. Imagery must reflect the current state of society. Images must be viewed from the lens of the creator. Images must tell stories of authenticity. Images must be diverse because we are diverse."

It is frightening to think that there will no longer be a space that is purposed solely to sharing our likeness through images, but you can support diversity efforts in visual storytelling using sources such as and this growing collection on Unsplash.