Columbus Short Reveals He Was Molested After Being Criticized For Speaking Out Against R. Kelly

The former "Scandal" star opened up and got real.

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| January 10 2019,

10:29 pm

Columbus Short revealed a dark secret after people online called him a hypocrite for criticizing R. Kelly.

Like many Surviving R. Kelly viewers, the former Scandal star posted his thoughts about Kelly on social media:

“R. Kelly is not us, so, on behalf of Black men, and on behalf of Black men with a daughter, #MuteRKelly,” he said in the video.

Short’s opinion wasn’t welcomed by critics who considered him a hypocrite, given his arrest for domestic abuse. 

On Twitter, one user wrote in response to his stance on Kelly, "Columbus Short talkin' 'bout cancel R. Kelly, but you beat women. Sit this one out, G. You've been canceled, too."

The actor was arrested in February 2014 for assaulting his ex-wife, Tanee McCall. He was arrested a month later for a scuffle in a restaurant and later sentenced to 36 months of probation and ordered to complete 30 community service hours, according to the New York Daily News. Short was also required to complete Alcoholics Anonymous classes and a year-long domestic violence program.

Short's legal troubles, combined with his addiction, led to his departure from Scandal, according to Us Magazine.

"I'll be candid: I was struggling with drugs," Short said in December 2014. "I was doing cocaine and drinking a lot and trying to balance a 16-hour work schedule a day and a family, and I just lost myself back then."

After the dust settled online, Short posted another video after he learned R. Kelly was molested. He also revealed his truth:

“I was molested by my babysitter. She would make me do things,” he revealed. “I was scared to speak out, but I’m not scared anymore. Only way to heal is to speak on it. I’m a talented man who was molested, I was touched. It affected me in a way I can't explain. ... For all those out there who have, it’s okay to speak out. It's a lot of us. I’m praying for R. Kelly.”

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