In one of the more puzzling social media trends, people on the internet are coming for Black women and their bonnets. While the protective hair garment has preserved the curls and locs of Black women for generations, some people today are finding exceptions with them being worn at all.

Recently, comedian and digital content creator KevOnStage chimed in on the debate and his response puts all the others to rest. Despite the current animus toward bonnets, durags and headscarves, the comedian said he enjoys knowing that his wife goes to sleep in a bonnet.

Kev highlighted the protective properties of such headwear, but more importantly, he bragged about how reassuring it is to go to sleep next to a bonneted woman because he knows “she went to bed Black.”

“I want to wake up to a durag or a bonnet,” he began. “I don’t mind, because she went to bed a Black woman! And she gotta protect her hair. That’s all a bonnet is.”

The comedian, whose real name is Kevin Fredericks, said he doesn’t let something like a bonnet get in the way of being excited to experience things like intimacy with his wife Melissa.

“I want to go to bed with sweet lovemaking and all that there,” he said. “I don’t care about a bonnet or not.”

Kev also highlighted just how magnificent his wife’s hair looked in a stunning photo of her in a white dress, apparently just after utilizing a bonnet.

“It ain't nothing but protection. It’s like a condom for your head, or a seatbelt, or an airbag, or the mask on a plane. It’s just something you wear to protect your hair,” he said. “Let’s not make it more than what it is.”

He ended his diatribe by acknowledging that if bonnets and protective headdresses are good enough for his wife, sisters, mom and grandma, then it’s something he as a Black man will accept.

During his rise to fame, KevOnStage, also an emerging actor and filmmaker, has successfully grown his following to reach hundreds of thousands of people with his funny and witty content. Recently, he launched a digital media company and became the host of several podcasts, according to Because Of Them We Can.

Earlier this year, he was nominated for an NAACP Image Award in the category of “Outstanding Social Media Personality.”

To honor the comedian, Melissa organized an extravagant party to celebrate with family and friends.

During a nearly 20-minute speech at the celebration, the comedian reflected on his humble beginnings and how he was just interviewing nominees at the Image Awards a year prior. He began tearing up when he started talking about the impact his wife has had on his life.

“Melissa is just…everything. This dream…She has been so instrumental. She literally, before even KevOnStage… she worked when I got fired, she built my confidence back up, she was the first investor..she literally did everything. This is her idea; I would’ve been at home playing FIFA in my drawers if she didn’t plan this,” he said tearfully.