There’s no question that many online pranks take it entirely too far. Unfortunately, one YouTuber found out the hard way and it resulted in him getting socked in the jaw.

In a video clip circulating online, Baton Rouge rapper Boosie BadAzz was shopping for groceries when he was abruptly approached by a man in a cowboy hat and overalls. Boosie, who was accompanied by three men, a woman and a child, were clearly unaware that the man approaching them was controversial YouTuber White Dolemite.

White Dolemite has amassed over 51,000 subscribers to his YouTube page, primarily by pulling pranks in which he refers to grown Black men as “boy.”

In the video shared to his White Dolemite’s YouTube page, the YouTuber approaches Boosie and his crew and rudely asks the rapper to pass him a box of macaroni and cheese.

“Can you hand me the mac n’ cheese to me, boy?” White Dolemite asks in the clip.

Boosie and his companions look confused by the racially charged request, but that doesn’t deter the Atlanta-based content creator.

“Boy, I said hand it to me, now, boy,” White Dolemite demands.

The members of Boosie’s entourage attempt to warn White Dolemite that he is on thin ice.

“We’ll beat your a**,” one person warns.

“Who you talking to like that,” adds another.

White Dolemite, directing his answer to the rapper, answers bluntly.

“Boosie,” he replies. “I’m the real BadAzz. Now, hand it to me now, boy.”

That’s when things go left.

Another one of Boosie’s men jumps in.

“You tripping,” he says. “I’ll beat your motherf**king a** in this b***h.  Don’t talk to him like that.”

As Boosie attempts to ask White Dolemite if he is joking, one of the rapper’s comrades punches the YouTuber just as the video cuts out.

The clip has garnered nearly 130,000 views and over 900 comments on YouTube since being posted a day ago. Neither Boosie nor White Dolemite have addressed the incident further.