A picture of a black J. Crew model has been circulating the Internet and causing confusion for some, and outrage for others. 

The advertisement shows a black model with unkempt hair, attempted to be pulled into a bun. We all know that black folks don't play about our hair. And while natural hair is beautiful, people felt like this was doing a disservice rather than showcasing our natural beauty.

Some people pushed the issue that black girls aren't allowed to have a messy look in the same way that their white counterparts are without it being a big deal. 

However, maybe the bigger issue is a lack of black stylists who know how to make even a "messy look" on black hair look good.

Model Mari Henny took to Instagram to let people know that she didn't have a problem so we shouldn't either.

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J. Crew has also since provided an apology. 

What are your thoughts? Is there a fear of how black people are portrayed in media to the point that we aren't even allowed to have a messy look? Or was that look just straight trash and a terrible representation? Is the issue deeper than this J. Crew ad? Let us know what you're thinking in the comments below.