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Leslie Jones Will Host The 2017 BET Awards

SNL funny woman Leslie Jones has been tapped to host the 2017 BET Awards! In a statement, Jones said, "I am so excited to be hosting The BET Awards this year. BET was the first network and place where I was on TV - I am looking to turn this whole experience into a joyful homecoming."Jones appeared on the BET staple, Comicview early in her career.Her goal for the...

You'll Never Guess Which Silicon Valley Board Just Added Serena Williams

What do you do when you’re at the top of your field and have laid waste to pretty much all who’ve tried to challenge you? When you’ve found domestic bliss and have a nice family around you? You find some new challenge to conquer.And that’s just what Serena Williams is doing. Fortune reports that she’s signed up to be on the board of SurveyMonkey.You...