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New Study Shows That Hate Crimes In These Major Cities Are On The Rise During The Trump Era

Nearly a month after the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, a newly released study shows the steady increase in the number of reported hate crimes in the nation's largest cities.The study, authored by Professor Brian Levin, indicates that the hate crime data to date comes in wake of a divisive election year. And much of data from 2016...

Comedian Kevin Hart Made A Mobile Game The Whole Family Can Play

Before the Internet was set ablaze by Kevin Hart's cheating scandal where a woman identified as Montia Sabagg created a video extorting the comedian, Hart had a positive and untarnished brand.When Hart isn't donating large amounts of money to various charities or giving motivational Snapchats to his adoring fans, he is adding to his empire. His latest move is the...