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Bronx Street Renamed To Honor Kalief Browder On His Birthday

Justice is supposed to be swift. And justice is supposed to be just.But all too often in the U.S., it is neither.Kalief Browder is a prime example — perhaps the prime example.As we’re sure you remember, Browder was sent to Riker’s Island at age 16. He was accused of stealing a backpack and assaulting a man.He said he didn’t do it; the man who was...

This Single Father Hosts Workshops To Teach Other Men How To Do Their Daughters' Hair

Doing hair is hard. Braids are an art form; and just cause you own a pair of clippers doesn’t mean you know the first thing about giving someone a decent haircut.We’ve all probably learned the hard way not to trust just any ol’ person with our precious heads.But one person you ought to be able to trust not to have you leaving the house looking crazy is your...

Someone Made A Pair Of Mariah Carey-Bruno Mars Mashups — And They Are Incredible

After giving us a taste of how "Redbone" would sound in pretty much any situation, Twitter and the internet remain undefeated. Next up, Roan Nair on YouTube created two mashups of Mariah Carey and Bruno Mars songs.One is a mix of Carey's "Emotions" and Bruno's "That's What I Like," and the other combines the diva's 2014 song "You're...