After an 18-year hiatus, revered professor and author Dr. Cornel West will once again be teaching an introductory African American Studies course at Harvard University.  

According to The Harvard Crimson, West will be returning to the Ivy League in the Spring semester to teach African and African American Studies 10: "Introduction to African American Studies." 

West, 65, is the author of 20 books, including the popular Race Matters and Democracy Matters. The Tulsa, Oklahoma, native has also released three spoken word projects, collaborating with renowned artists such as Jill Scott, Andre 3000 and the late Prince.

Promising a different syllabus than those previously, West called the new and improved curriculum a "fusion of the philosophical, the historical and the political."

West also mentioned to The Harvard Crimson that he plans to include some fine art disciplines such as "good music and literature."

Another integral part of the course will center on how African-American demonstrations serve as a way to combat adversity and how attitudes and predispositions inspired them.

"I'm trying to show the ways in which the Socratic legacy of Athens, the prophetic legacy of Jerusalem, and the scientific legacy of the Enlightenment and the democratic legacy of American Romanticism feed into the Black intellectual tradition," West told The Harvard Crimson.

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